Exodus - Cairne - ICC25


Exodus is a community of raiders on the Cairne PVE server. The majority of our members have significant responsibilities outside the game world, as well as varied interests inside the game. As such, we raid efficiently, effectively, and successfully, while maintaining an honorable reputation on the server.


The guild charter was completed on March 16, 2008, though the guild conception and planning began over a year earlier. Most of our members are veterans, originally from other servers, from both Horde and Alliance, who have come to settle in their new home on the Horde side of Cairne.


We do participate in all aspects of the game including, but not limited to, scheduled/”premade” PvP, Arena Teams , and 5-man instances, as well as 10 and 25 man raids. We have no mandatory attendance requirements, and all scheduled raids will have a start and end time. While we have no mandatory attendance requirements, if you do plan on raiding with us, we do have some rules that will need to be followed.


We currently gearing up to raid on weekends, most likely Sunday early afternoons.


Exodus is democratic in nature, where everyone has a voice, and every voice is heard. The major and final decisions are made by the Council, which is a collection of the most active members in the daily workings of the guild. The most critical and controversial of issues are escalated to the Viziers, who head the Council in matters of game breaking importance.

Leaders: Zulrang (Mortizul), Xunekaath (Vamexus)

Council: Jaxarale

Current Status

Exodus is always recruiting mature and friendly players as we continue raiding, building group dynamics, and continuing our quest to enjoy all aspects of the game.

We are currently gearing up for WoD raiding, including Dungeons, questing, etc.